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What ROI can you expect from a car stacker?

How extra car parking adds value to residential developments

It’s no secret that Australia has some of the most expensive parking in the world. Thanks to an undersupply of spaces in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and elsewhere, car parking spaces can sell for anything up to $90,000 in inner suburbs...

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Car lift completes the ultimate man (and woman!) cave in Canberra

LevantaPark recently completed an incredible installation for two passionate car collectors in the nation’s capital.

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What is a car stacker?

How new technology is increasing available car parking spaces

Thanks to an undersupply of car parks, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne now feature in the top 10 most expensive cities to park worldwide. It’s not a problem that looks set to be solved any time soon, with parking prices increasing by as...

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How car stackers are helping architects in building design

See the six benefits that can enhance your project

In space-constrained urban environments, architects are often challenged when it comes to incorporating car parking spaces in their design.

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Automatic parking systems helping architects

How the latest technology helps address parking design challenges

Designing a building is a challenging process for the architect. More so, when the design has to balance the client’s brief with the limitations of the property.

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Semi-automatic car park systems

How the latest systems can satisfy stakeholder needs

In Australia, population growth has put pressure on the amount of available space in urban areas. At the same time, increased vehicle ownership in city centers has resulted in a growing demand for services like car parking.

It means that when...

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Saving space in high end residential projects

How car lifts can improve your design's parking solution

In Australia, average home sizes have shrunk to 20-year lows. More Australians are choosing medium to high-density housing than ever before, forcing designers and specifiers to make efficient use of limited space.

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Car lift solution for Melbourne apartments

Addressing functional and council compliance challenges

A bespoke car parking solution from LevantaPark helped the architects of a new luxury apartment project in Melbourne balance the developer’s need to maximise leasable space with the local council’s requirements for parking.

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Get more out of your space with LevantaPark’s car parking systems

Maximise your returns with smart car park solutions

LevantaPark  is helping owners and operators of parking spaces maximise their returns through intelligent car parking lifts and vehicle storage solutions. Read more >

Totalmove car lift provides car parking solution in central Melbourne

Novotel Hotel enjoys a seamless installation from LevantaPark

LevantaPark has successfully installed an OMER Totalmove 30L at the brand new Novotel Hotel in central Melbourne.

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