6 outstanding benefits of car parking stackers

The top ways car stackers can benefit your building design

As an architect or building designer, including sufficient car parking spaces in your design is a never-ending challenge.

We’ve talked before about the many benefits of incorporating an automatic parking system in your design – but is there another solution that may do the job equally well?

Car stackers are an increasingly popular way of multiplying your available car spaces. At LevantaPark we recognise that car stackers present many benefits – but these are the top 6 ways this innovative solution can work for your project.

1) Park more cars in less space!

Okay, this one’s pretty self-evident. But it’s absolutely worth restating – car park stackers can double or even triple the number of cars that can park in a single conventional car space.

With Australia’s cities already struggling to cope with the demands of traffic (a problem that’s only going to worsen as traffic numbers increase), car stackers offer a way to get more cars (that are circling endlessly looking for a parking space) off the street.

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2) Increase ROI and improve property values

Would your commercial tenancy see more value in the property if it had more car parking space? Car stackers can be an excellent way to “future-proof” your new property development.

There’s no doubt that commercial businesses and residential towers that have installed parking stackers have already seen their property values increase substantially. With offices, businesses, and homes immediately made more accessible, property values head only one way.

3) A low maintenance parking solution

Car stackers are an amazingly low maintenance piece of equipment. The OMER brand car stackers we recommend at LevantaPark have an excellent track record in delivering reliability – underpinned by a 10 year warranty.

Far from needing constant attention from maintenance techs or engineers, car stackers can be left to operate reliably for long periods without requiring consistent fixes or upgrades – and without leaving an unfortunate parker stuck up on a car lift.

4) A cost effective way to increase parking capacity

At first glance, this point may seem a little counter-intuitive. Yet without the “parking multiplier” effect of car stackers, the usual alternative is to excavate deeper and deeper underground to provide enough space for ramps, spaces, and aisles. This is a massive cost in any development – which may just be offset with clever incorporation of car stackers.

You’ll find that car stackers are surprisingly easy to install, and usually won’t cost nearly as much as a full conventional car park development. Considering the flexibility and ease of installation, many businesses are turning to this option as well.

5) Safe for the general public to use

About a decade ago, car stackers were so unusual in Australia that it’s understandable if they were viewed with some suspicion by the people who actually had to use them – the public!

But today, the idea that car stackers are potentially unsafe or ‘scary’ to use isn’t a common one. With the amount of R&D that has gone into car parking stackers over the years, they’re completely safe and practical both for people parking their vehicles and interested onlookers.

6) A secure way to park and store vehicles

Another big tick for car stackers is the way they keep cars safe from vandalism or theft. With the user’s car either held securely up in the air or underground in a pit, there’s physically no way for it to be accessed. And for the other stacker user, the vehicle is no more vulnerable to theft than it would be in a conventional space.

Talk to us to see how car parking stackers could work with your design

With Australia’s urban areas battling to cope with the ever-increasing volume of cars, it’s clear that car stackers can be a flexible solution to parking problems.

The LevantaPark team can help you select the ideal car stacker for your building’s specific requirements. If you’d like to speak to a design consultant about how vehicle parking stackers could work with your building design, get in touch with LevantaPark on 1300 993 548 or fill out the contact form below.

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