Are car stackers safe?

5 reasons car parking stackers are safe to include in your building design

If you’re thinking of incorporating car parking stackers in your building design, you might be considering whether they offer sufficient safety for the needs of developers, building managers, and end users.

As heavy industrial machinery intended to be used by members of the public with little or no training, clearly there is an essential need for car stackers to be inherently safe to use.

That’s why there’s been a tremendous amount of R&D put into car parking stacker design, to ensure they’re safe and practical both for people parking their vehicles and interested onlookers.

We asked the LevantaPark design team to give us their top 5 reasons why, yes, car stackers are a completely safe and reliable way to ensure sufficient parking in your project design.

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Failsafe systems on the lifting mechanism of LevantaPark’s Bipark and Spacer systems.

1) Thoroughly tested and reliable machinery

Even after decades of use around the world, a common misapprehension about car stackers is that they’re inherently unreliable. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, the chance of a car being left stranded high in the air is remote indeed. LevantaPark chooses to recommend OMER car stackers, a brand with an excellent track record in delivering reliability.

Across OMER’s near 40 year history since 1978, they have NEVER been asked to replace a faulty car stacker due to a manufacturing issue.

You can see why at LevantaPark we are happy to offer a 10 year warranty on all our products (terms and conditions apply – contact LevantaPark for details).

2) Safe and secure parking for vehicles

It’s a sad fact of life in the inner city – every day there’s the possibility that your parked car could be vandalised or stolen.

That’s a problem that can be overcome when you park in a car stacker. With the user’s car either held securely up in the air or underground in a pit, there’s physically no way for an unauthorised person to gain access. And for the other stacker user, the vehicle is no more vulnerable to theft than it would be in a conventional parking space.

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3) Fully flat parking platforms eliminate safety concerns

As a product designed to be used by people of practically all demographics, parking stackers are built with the general public’s needs in mind.

One example is the way LevantaPark’s stackers feature a completely flat parking platform design that avoids safety issues – while retaining ample strength thanks to their thick steel structure. They’re also hot dip galvanised to ensure they meet our 10 year warranty with flying colours.

Unlike other designs that use platforms with an indented cross section, with flat parking platforms there’s no danger of catching shoe heels, stroller wheels, luggage, shopping, and more as your end user attempts to park and exit their car.

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A flat platform constructed from hot dipped galvanised sections is designed so that nothing can drop onto vehicles parked on the lower level. It also allows for safe easy access even when accessible space is required.

4) Torsion bar and locking mechanism avoids over-stressing

Another example of safety-led parking design is the torsion bar and locking mechanism system.

The torsion bar system features two racks (one per column), two notched pinions (one on each end) and the torsion bar itself – a system which ensures the horizontal stability of the platforms, even when the loaded weight is positioned off-centre.

By distributing the parked vehicle’s weight evenly on the columns and pistons, the system prevents uneven forces on the machine.

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Torsion bar between 2 hydraulic cylinders ensures the platform rises and lowers consistently, without strain or pressure on any one component. This ensures long life and low maintenance.

5) Photocell barrier system prevents damage

To ensure vehicles are safely positioned on the platforms, our car stackers feature an advanced photocell system.

Using a light-emitting source opposite a reflector, the system creates a light ‘barrier’ which, if interrupted, will immediately stop the stacker platform moving to prevent damage to the parked vehicle.

Photocells offer a big boost to safety, offering a parking system that members of the public can use every day, confident that their vehicle won’t be damaged.

Need more? Talk to us to see how safe car parking stackers can be

If you’d like to speak to a design consultant about how car parking stackers are a safe way to improve your building design, get in touch with LevantaPark on 1300 993 548 or fill out the contact form below.

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