Car lift completes the ultimate man (and woman!) cave in Canberra

LevantaPark recently completed an incredible installation for two passionate car collectors in the nation’s capital.

With their large collection of vehicles, the couple needed to find a way to park their cars on a basement level, without using ramps.

The complexity of the hill site in Canberra’s suburbs meant there simply wasn’t enough space for their older cars (with larger turning circles) to manoeuvre into position using a traditional parking solution. Likewise, while there was room for a driveway, there wasn’t space for traditional ramps to reach the basement.



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Architects DNA incorporated the Move30 car lift with roof into their design from the start, to securely move the couple’s cars into storage. With its detachable (or floating) roof, the lift has a 4.5 metre height to hoist and park up to 15 vehicles in the basement. A mezzanine level offers the ideal storage for smaller cars.

Car lift or car stackers?

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