Car lift provides efficient urban parking solution

How LevantaPark helped make a Perth CBD development viable

The School of Early Learning (SOEL) in North Perth is a unique early childhood learning facility. SOEL is situated in an historic renovated police station in North Perth, originally built circa 1907.

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The facility is close to the Perth CBD and therefore street parking is limited, often full, and always with time limitations. It presented the question of where the school’s staff were going to park, given that some car spaces also had to be provided for parents to drop off their children.

Tom Goddin Architecture were tasked with creating a solution that would provide sufficient car parking for staff and parents. 

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Vehicle lift provides the right parking solution

Tom Goddin Architecture had prior experience with car lifts for a hotel project they’d been involved with. They had done extensive research about the type and size of vehicle lift they’d need, right up to selecting another supplier. Then they discovered LevantaPark.

“LevantaPark’s offering ticked all the boxes,” said the project’s architect Tom Goddin. “They’re a reputable firm, they have a maintenance team here in Perth, and they offer long term support, which was very important.”

LevantaPARK Total Rex - Project SOEL

When LevantaPark became involved, Tom Goddin Architecture had already designed and documented the shaft, and poured the footings. LevantaPark adapted the hydraulic lift to suit the existing shaft by widening the platform to meet regulations.

Car lift or car stackers?

Basement car parking offers efficiency and access

LevantaPark worked with principal Tom Goddin to design a solution that enabled basement car parking to be utilised. Staff would access the car lift off a laneway to the rear of the building.

By servicing just one level, the Total Rex car lift provided all necessary car parking spaces for the site, much more efficiently than other solutions. By eliminating the need for ramps on this tight site, the whole project was made viable.

LevantaPark kept the traffic management plan and staff access (given that they would be the main users of the car lift) at the forefront of the design process.

Working with access control companies, LevantaPark ensured that the lift could be interfaced with a swipe card reader. This provided seamless access from street to basement and back again.

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