Car lift solution for Melbourne apartments

Addressing functional and council compliance challenges

A bespoke car parking solution from LevantaPark helped the architects of a new luxury apartment project in Melbourne balance the developer’s need to maximise leasable space with the local council’s requirements for parking.

The luxury apartment project located on Cotham Road in the prestigious Melbourne suburb of Kew had a tight layout, which meant a conventional parking solution using ramps to get vehicles in and out of the parking area wasn’t an option.

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Working with limited space in a residential development

The LevantaPark team were engaged by the project’s architects to create an innovative parking design that would address both challenges – the limited space available for parking in the boutique development as well as the council’s regulations.

LevantaPark combined two technologies to create the ideal custom parking solution. The first element of the innovative design was the installation of a Totalmove car lift that could carry the driver on board the vehicle while it was being stored, eliminating the need for ramps.

On-board safety for residents and users was assured thanks to Totalmove’s comprehensive safety features including photoelectric barriers, an on-board operator control panel, a 2.5m high safety guard, and an intercom system.

Semi-automatic parking system stores vehicles securely

The second part of the solution involved the System Max 3 semi-automatic parking system that would take the vehicle away once Totalmove deposited it on the parking level, and store it in a custom 3 x 6 storage unit. Capable of handling vehicles weighing up to 2,000kg each, the System Max 3 unit was ideal for accommodating the maximum possible number of parking spots available in a small area.

LevantaPark’s combination of Totalmove and System Max 3 technologies allowed the site’s developers to comfortably meet the local council’s parking requirements for the residential building.Doubling parking capacity in a heritage building

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