Customised parking design for multi-residential development

How LevantaPark ensured viability for Cotham Road project

LevantaPark has recently completed an interesting project at 24 Cotham Road in Kew, Victoria. Adjacent to the popular Kew Junction, the site has access from a Right of Way in Queen Street.

The site’s developer LJA Constructions had been frustrated by several car stacker companies that had failed to provide a solution in a timely and efficient manner. They turned to LevantaPark for an efficient and customised solution. 

The LevantaPark team sat down with LJA Constructions to discuss the best options for the project, while taking into consideration the tight timelines required to meet project completion.

Car lift or car stackers?

Meeting the parking needs of a challenging development site

Although the site was very deep and provided excellent opportunities for development (in terms of the number of units that could be placed on the site), the numbers of cars required to meet this demand made the site almost impossible to deal with.

Our client Jim Iacuone of LJA Constructions knew that if a car lift and stacker combination couldn’t be made to work, the site would not be viable for development. Getting the right car parking design would be crucial.

LevantaPark’s design consultants created a parking system that utilised a car lift off the RoW, down into a basement with a 6 grid semi-automatic Max 3 stacker. Thanks to this design, the project become very viable and profitable.

Cotham Road_130130-HERO Before Shot-web

The car lift was manufactured in Italy in a record time of just 4 weeks, and then air lifted to Melbourne ready for installation. This allowed the components of the Max 3 system to be lowered down into the basement.

OMER car parking systems offer the design edge

Selecting the right car lift and semi-automatic system was critical for the project’s success.

Since the late 1970s, OMER have been manufacturing high quality parking systems in Italy. They have grown a worldwide reputation for the high levels of safety provided by their products.

OMER’s Total Move 30, designed with its hydraulics lifting system on just one side, provided an advantage for the Cotham Road project in ensuring that the force loading was only required on one side of the shaft.

20170508_170730 HERO_web

With its mechanical locking system at each level, Total Move also offered greater safety for users while ensuring the hydraulic components will last longer into the future.

Semi-automatic parking systems installed in basements are now common in many multi-residential developments. Technology is also fast differentiating systems, as designers look for reliability and installation compliance with Australian Standards.

The Max 3 semi-auto system installed at Cotham Road allows users to summon their cars from their smartphone, while also allowing remote dial-in for diagnostic and maintenance troubleshooting. Using only the latest Siemens controllers and Eaton electrical components, the Max 3 system is proving to be the preferred system for specifiers. 



Get advice on parking systems for your development

The Cotham Road project shows how LevantaPark’s design consultants can make your residential development a success. To find out more, get in touch with LevantaPark on 1300 993 548 or fill out the contact form here.

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