Do your car lifts meet Australian Standards?

What to check to make sure your lift conforms

Goods and vehicle platform lifts going over multiple levels have been installed in Australia for many years. Yet how often do you hear – or say – these words: “The product works, but it won’t comply” – ?

Australian Standards do apply to these projects, which is why it’s critical that you thoroughly  investigate the technical engineering capacity of the car lifts you’re considering. 

The LevantaPark team always ensure that every car lift we install complies with all relevant Australian Standards.

Technical features that ensure your lift conforms include:

  • Sufficient gaps between platform and walls
  • Correct configuration of the control mechanism
  • Interface control between the doors and lift has the correct protocol governed by reliable PLC and software
  • Conforming lift speed and required edge protection
  • Mechanical locking system for safety at required floor levels

Want to maximise your project's design?

Similar to any passenger elevator or goods lift, vehicle platforms lifts are governed by and need to comply to specific Australian Standards. These standards vary from the normal passenger lift requirements, but still have a significant impact on your building design and its traffic management plan.

For more information on Australian Standards and how they apply to all types of lift, call LevantaPark on 1300 993 548 or use the contact form here.

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