Do your car parking stackers meet Australian Standards?

The new AS5124:2017 standard explained

It’s been said that there is very little in the way of Australian Standards relating to parking stackers. That’s now changed. 

The newly released Australian Standard AS5124:2017 covers this issue in detail, with a document which encompasses a modified adoption of EN 14010:2003.
AS5124:2017 covers off on:

  • Hydraulic, mechanical and electrical installation of equipment
  • Supply and installation procedures for manual or automatic systems
  • Commissioning procedures and maintenance protocols

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What the new standard means for your car parking stackers

By insisting that the car stacker you intend to use meets this new Australian Standard, you can expect a higher level of quality.

A non-conforming system may be available at a cheaper price – but will it be certified at building sign-off time? If not, you can imagine the problems that lie ahead for you.

Instead, it’s a good idea to specify systems that you know will comply – that have been carefully designed to meet Australian Standard AS5124:2017.

One good question to ask your supplier is, “Can you produce a maintenance manual to ensure that the installation stays in good, safe, working condition?” If they cannot, it’s a pointer that their system may not meet your expectations for quality.

Check whether your car parking stackers meet the Standard

If you’re unsure whether the car stackers you've specified conform to the new Australian Standard, call LevantaPark’s experienced parking consultants on 1300 993 548 or get in touch online.

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