LevantaPark completes car parking solution for WA apartment complex

 Car stackers help meet local council requirements

LevantaPark has recently completed work on a multi-residential building on the Albany Highway in Victoria Park, West Australia.

To comply with local council regulations, the apartment project needed to incorporate a minimum number of car spaces.

Here’s how LevantaPark were able to assist Danmar Developments with making the project viable.

LevantaPARK SPACER - Project Danmar


OMER systems offer the required flexibility

By installing Double and Single Spacers, LevantaPark helped Danmar Developments double their car park numbers to 16 without the need to construct a basement level.

The apartment building’s floor to ceiling height was tight, which meant that Danmar needed a parking system that could be customised to suit their requirements.

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OMER’s Single and Double Spacer stackers were able to be adapted to allow for a minimum of 1,500mm on the upper level, while ensuring that the platforms were totally flat at ground level and also mechanically locked into position. These features allow vehicles to enter and exit the platforms in complete safety.

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LevantaPark also installed infill panels made from hot dipped galvanised steel to ensure there were no safety issues for users getting in or out of their vehicles. These galvanised panels matched the quality of the Spacer platforms’ flat decks.


The difference between hot dipped galvanisation and electro plating galvanisation
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Test results show that hot dipped galvanised platforms last significantly longer than an electroplated system.
This photo shows a hot dipped galvanised platform after 5 years of hard use in Russia, including exposure to salt, snow and acid for long periods each year.



A timely and cost-effective solution to a car parking challenge

Not only was LevantaPark’s solution competitively priced, the systems also arrived from the Italian manufacturing facility directly to their Perth warehouse 3 months ahead of when they were needed on-site, ensuring smooth and efficient installation.

To find out how OMER car stackers could help make your development viable, get in touch with LevantaPark on 1300 993 548 or fill out the contact form here.

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