LevantaPark replaces car lift in Paddington, Sydney NSW

Parking solution complements premium residential dwelling

Liz and her husband had purchased their beautiful Paddington terrace house around 2010. One attraction of the home was its car lift, which Liz anticipated would provide her with reliable, secure off-street car parking in the busy inner-city suburb.


Unfortunately, right from the time Liz and her husband moved in, the car lift has rarely worked. Supplied from China, the lift had been designed to coordinate with an automatic roller door and move their cars from street level up 1,200mm to garage level. Numerous attempts to contact the original lift supplier had been in vain. 

Liz got in touch with LevantaPark to find a solution to the faulty car lift.

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Complimentary site inspection reveals extent of the problem

Liz was impressed by LevantaPark’s willingness to come to site and inspect the problem car lift at no charge to her.

“They would even come to our home to inspect the lift without being paid,” Liz said. “That wasn’t something that we found other car lift service companies were willing to do.”

Upon investigation it became clear that the existing vehicle lift was past being salvaged. Due to the low quality components, lack of supplier details about the equipment, and generally inferior level of quality, the car lift was beyond repair.

LevantaPark’s team proposed completely replacing the faulty car lift with the high quality Italian-manufactured Rex FP product that features a 25-30 year design life. 

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Quality OMER car lift provides reliable performance  

LevantaPark were engaged to completely replace the faulty car lift with the new OMER model.

As part of the project, Liz and her husband hoped to salvage the existing roller door to keep their costs down. LevantaPark installed the new car lift and, after much testing, were also able to repair the roller door by replacing a burnt-out motor.

Liz and her husband now enjoy a reliable vehicle lift that moves their cars in and off the street without continual issues and frustration.

How much will a parking system cost?

Talk to LevantaPark for high quality solutions to your residential car parking challenge

High quality and reliable vehicle lifts can help enhance lifestyles and improve the value of premium real estate.

To find out how OMER car lifts can complement your home, get in touch with LevantaPark on 1300 993 548 or fill out the contact form here.

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