Semi-automatic car park systems

How the latest systems can satisfy stakeholder needs

In Australia, population growth has put pressure on the amount of available space in urban areas. At the same time, increased vehicle ownership in city centers has resulted in a growing demand for services like car parking.

It means that when designing car parking facilities, you must find ways to deliver highly functional and efficient car parking systems that meet the needs of all users in spite of increasing time, cost and space constraints.

'Maximum efficiency, minimal footprint: Satisfying stakeholder requirements with semi-automatic car park systems' explores the design challenges that impact contemporary car parks and identifies new parking solutions that can be leveraged in response.

Safe and efficient parking for modern building developments

In the eBook we examine the growing demand for car spaces in Australia, followed by a discussion on the local council requirements that apply to car park design. We then review existing parking solutions and identify several issues that limit their suitability, before explaining how semi-automatic car park systems provide an ideal parking solution for high traffic environments. Finally, we present a high quality semi-automatic car park system that offers superior parking capacity, efficiency and usability.


As the leading Australian designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative parking solutions, LevantaPark understands the challenges faced by today’s developers, designers and end users. Committed to quality and efficiency, we offer a wide range of car parking solutions to meet the requirements of virtually any environment.

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