Sherwood residential development made viable with car stackers

Bipark stackers help increase apartments’ parking capacity

LevantaPark has recently completed work on installing six Bipark car stackers in a residential development in Sherwood in Brisbane’s inner west. 

The luxury apartments were developed by Indigo Building Group. We spoke with David Hunt from Indigo to find out how LevantaPark’s car stackers helped to make the development not only viable, but helped to increase ROI from the project.

A solution to maximise available car parking

“Obviously with residential developments it’s important to incorporate ample car parks for each apartment,” David said. “Potential buyers of three bedroom units much prefer having two car spaces, so we had to meet that demand to ensure our development was competitive.”

David added that with this kind of development, it was never feasible to simply excavate deeper and incorporate a double basement. “But to excavate down just an extra metre – giving us enough headroom to install car stackers – made the whole project viable,” said David.

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Car stackers even provided something of a unique selling point for Indigo’s development. “We’re happy to use stackers in our developments,” he said. “Architects like them... clients like them... and that means we like them!”

Along with added car parking spaces, the flexibility offered by car stackers adds value to Indigo’s residential developments. Unit buyers use them not just for cars; but for storing boats, jet skis, camper trailers, and more. 

Bipark car stackers provide the ideal residential parking solution

LevantaPark supplied and installed six Bipark dependent car stackers, to increase the apartments’ parking numbers by six without the need for a double basement level.

With their hot dipped galvanised platforms, the stackers are designed for a 25-30 year operational life with a regular maintenance plan.

The Bipark’s shorter platform also assists with the turning circle within the parking area, while their standard lifting capacity of 2,600 kgs per platform allows any size car to be securely parked on the platform.

Professional, responsive, and easy to do business with

“Of all the parking system providers we spoke to, we felt LevantaPark were definitely the most professional and easy to do business with,” David said. “They were responsive, they were happy to come out on-site and discuss our options, and organising face-to-face contact was never a problem.” 


Sherwood development made viable

The fact that LevantaPark has a national presence was also important to Indigo Building Group. “Having reliable servicing available was a huge issue for us. We wanted to choose a company that would be there when they were needed, which is what LevantaPark offered us.”

How much will a parking system cost?

Get advice on how car stackers can work for your development

Indigo’s successful Sherwood project shows how LevantaPark’s design consultants can enhance your residential development. To find out more, get in touch with LevantaPark on 1300 993 548 or fill out the contact form here.

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Sherwood residential car stacker