Total Rex car lift provides high class car parking solution

Premium residential property enhanced by LevantaPark

LevantaPark has recently completed a challenging installation of a Total Rex car lift with roof in Melbourne’s Malvern East.

With the client requiring additional space on-site to accommodate an extensive car collection, the only viable solution was to provide basement car parking. Yet because the site didn’t have sufficient space for parking at ground level as well as a basement and room for a ramp, installing a car lift was necessary to make the project viable.

It was also crucial that the finished solution would not mean losing a space at ground level, which dictated the inclusion of a roof for the car lift.

Car lift or car stackers?



As a premium residential property within 12km of the Melbourne CBD, the site was built up on all sides and featured existing historic buildings on the property itself, creating a tricky installation scenario. Lastly, the very high value property called for an equally high level of finish for the completed project.  

Our client’s builder engaged LevantaPark to assist with the design of a custom car parking solution to suit the site.

Car parking lift provides accessibility  

LevantaPark’s Total Rex car lift offered the ideal solution. With all the lift’s mechanisms located underneath the platform, the Total Rex provided the extremely clear and clean aesthetics that the client sought.

The car lift roof would be installed with a checker plate galvanised finish to match in with the concrete floor at ground level, and provide the necessary high class finish for such a premium residential property.


19 Coppin Street


Safety for users and occupants was another key consideration, and once again the Total Rex met the required safety measures and parameters. The car lift can be safely operated by a person seated in the vehicle on-board the lift.

LevantaPark also ensured that the car lift system interfaced seamlessly with the garage doors at both ground and basement levels. 

Difficult installation accomplished on-time by LevantaPark

Installing the very heavy 3 tonne car lift was not a straightforward task. With the site featuring a double garage at the front and another single garage at the back, there was little room for the necessary crane to move the lift into place. 

LevantaPark came up with solution to assist the builder on-site with the very difficult installation. The team had to manufacture a crane on a skate to manoeuvre the heavy car lift over the hole.

The car lift also had to be installed to fit within a ceiling height at ground level of 2,500mm.

Thanks to LevantaPark’s extensive experience with these types of project, the car lift installation was completed within the timeframe required.




How much will a parking system cost?

Find out how a car lift can resolve your site’s parking requirements   

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