Totalmove car lift provides car parking solution in central Melbourne

Novotel Hotel enjoys a seamless installation from LevantaPark

LevantaPark has successfully installed an OMER Totalmove 30L at the brand new Novotel Hotel in central Melbourne.

Safely and quickly moving cars between three floors, the Totalmove is the simple yet robust design the Novotel needed to provide them with years of trouble-free use.


Rugged, hard-working car lift increases parking capacity  

LevantaPark assisted the Novotel’s architect with the required design specs, before project managing the installation of the car lift.

The Totalmove 30L is particularly good for projects such as this one where space is tight. An extremely compact design, the car lift doesn't require additional space on the sides or above and below.

Totalmove is capable of carrying great capacities (up to 3 tonnes) to a great height (up to 16 metres) with multiple stops, and no overrun required. Importantly for the Novotel, it can also carry a person on board the vehicle in complete safety.

With no need to accommodate bulky concrete ramps, parking capacity on each floor of the Novotel was increased to around 40-50 vehicles. This increased capacity meant that the need for excavation was greatly reduced, lowering construction costs considerably.

Want to maximise your project's design?

Find out how a car lift can resolve your site’s parking requirements   

To find out how high quality, reliable car lifts can help improve your building design’s parking capacity, get in touch with LevantaPark on 1300 993 548 or fill out the contact form here.


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