What is a car stacker?

How new technology is increasing available car parking spaces

Thanks to an undersupply of car parks, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne now feature in the top 10 most expensive cities to park worldwide. It’s not a problem that looks set to be solved any time soon, with parking prices increasing by as much as 10% every year.

It’s not just commuters who are affected. In many Australian houses and homes, parking presents a major challenge. Many homes have room for just one vehicle, and some blocks of flats have no parking available for all tenants. Street parking might be an option, but this isn’t the case on every suburban or city street.

This undersupply has seen architects, property developers, builders, renovators, and car enthusiasts turn to car stackers to solve their parking space challenges. Car stackers are proven technology that can transform one parking space into two or even three vehicle spaces in either commercial or residential developments.

Bipark car parking stacker

How can car stackers increase available spaces?

Simply put, a car stacker is a machine that allows drivers to safely park one vehicle on top of another. The most common type allows a car to drive onto a lift-like mechanism that is then raised high enough to allow a second vehicle to park beneath it.

It’s practical to store up to three vehicles in a single car stacker. Attempting to park more can become impractical in most commercial and residential applications.

Car stackers are especially useful for properties that need extra car parking spaces, but have no physical room to add them. From garages and carports family homes to staff car parking or apartment complexes, car stackers can help to add parking spaces where few previously existed.

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Dependent (above ground) vs independent (below ground) car stackers

There are two main kinds of vehicle stackers to select from, each with benefits that suit particular applications.

The first type is called an above ground, or dependent car stacker. Its name reflects the fact that retrieving a vehicle from the upper stacker levels depends on moving the lower vehicle first.

Dependent or above ground car stackers can house two or three cars in a single parking space. They can be an ideal solution in a commercial car park; for example where team members can cooperate to park and remove vehicles as needed. They are not so practical in residential applications, where tenants come and go at all hours without coordinating with each other.

The second type of car stacker is the below ground, or independent car stacker. Because it uses a pit, any vehicle can be parked or removed independently from the others in the stacker.

Independent or below ground car stackers, because of their need for an excavated pit, are generally more expensive to install than dependent car stackers.


Popular models of car stacker include:

  • Two level dependent BiPark
  • Three level dependent TriPark
  • Independent Spacer
  • Independent Double Spacer
  • Independent Triple Spacer
  • Independent Duplo

The benefits of including a car stacker in your building design

While the obvious advantage of a vehicle stacker is that it adds to a property’s available car parking spaces, they also:

  • Allow residents or visitors to store vehicles in a garage
  • Increase the useable (and chargeable) space in your development
  • Repurpose previously unusable space in some cases
  • Are a cost-effective car parking option
  • Offer a low maintenance and reliable parking system
  • Are easy to operate and safe for drivers to use

What’s more, compared to relying on conventional parking spaces, car stackers can also be a more environmentally friendly alternative. Cars will have to run for less time when there’s ample available car parking, meaning drivers won’t have to waste fuel and create emissions driving around for long periods searching for a spare car park.

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Find out more about the latest car parking stackers

LevantaPark specialises in the design, project management, manufacture and installation of a wide range of parking lift systems, including dependent and independent car stackers.

Our experienced parking consultants can advise you on the right parking stacker for your particular needs. Call LevantaPark on 1300 993 548 or get in touch with us online.

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